Together, Ria and Euronet make payouts in Poland even more convenient than before. Send money to your beneficiary in Poland and they can pick it up at any of Euronet's 1,900+ ATM locations. Beneficiaries don't need an ATM card, by simply entering an orderID and security code the money can be picked up. It takes just seconds to complete the transaction. With ATM Payout, money can be picked up 24 hours a day, immediately after a transfer is sent.  Of course beneficiaries can also pick up money at participating Ria locations if they prefer.

Our new money transfer service number, which does incur a charge: +48 22 44 70 888 is available to answer more questions on this specific service.

Check back frequently - more countries will be added to Ria's ATM payout network.


To send a Ria Money Transfer with a Euronet ATM payout option, please follow these easy steps:

1. Visit a Ria Store or Agent location.

2. Provide necessary information to the Ria agent: Sender information 

(Name, Surname, Phone Number, Address.) Beneficiary information (Name, 

Surname, Phone Number, Address.) Specify the total amount and indicate payout type

 as "ATM Payout"

3. Receive confirmation of the order, including the six digit Order ID and transfer amount.

4. Receive a four digit security code from Ria via SMS.

5. Provide your beneficiary with Order ID, Amount and Security Code; your beneficary will need this information to retrieve their money at a Euronet ATM.



To pay out Ria Money Transfer at Euronet ATMs, the beneficiary should:

1. Receive six digit ORDER ID, AMOUNT and four digit SECURITY CODE which are necessary to pay out the money in an ATM from the sender.

2. Complete the order at a Euronet ATM following the instructions which appear on the ATM screen:

a) Press the bottom button on the right side of the ATM screen

b) Select Ria Money Transfer service

c) Enter ORDER ID

d) Enter AMOUNT


f) ATM pays out the amount

g) ATM prints a confirmation of the transaction

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Ria now offers a fast, easy and affordable way to send money to Poland. Send money to your beneficiary in Poland and they can pick it up at any of Euronet's 1,900 ATM locations.

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